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Rayani Air is an airline service operated in Malaysia. It used to be a budget airline, but upgraded to a full service airline in December 2015. Rayani airline is the fourth airline in the world that has made it mandatory that each of the Muslim cabin crew be sharia compliant. Other airlines that practice this include Iran Air, Royal Brunei Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. In accordance with Islamic dietary laws, Rayani Air does not serve alcoholic beverages or pork in flight, and prayers are performed before the departure of a flight.

The airliner offers 'extras' such as extra baggage allowances, extra legroom and light refreshment on board. Rayani airline fleets allow between 20-40kg in baggage allowances, depending on the type of ticket purchased. In addition, most of the seats enable passengers to recline and stretch for a more comfortable experience during the flight.

Tickets can be reserved online, calling the Rayani call center or at an airport ticketing office.


Rayani Airlines was founded by a Malaysian couple of Indian descent. The name Rayani was coined from the first names of the founders – Ravi and Karthiyani. The Airline had its base in Malacca International Airport where its inaugural flight took place in August 2014. Since then, its base has been moved to Langkawi International Airport in order to attract tourists to the resort island. Rayani Airlines first flight to Langkawi occurred on 20th December, 2015.

The idea of Rayani Airlines erupted from the two incidents that occurred to Malaysian Airlines in March 2014 and a few months after in Ukraine. In these two incidents involving commercial jets, one went missing in flight and the second was downed while flying over Ukraine. Due to these occurrences, the conservative Muslims believed that it was caused by Allah's wrath and proposed a solution that Airlines must adopt strict Islamic customs to avoid future Allah's vengeance on the nation. In a country with about 30 million people consisting of 60 percent Muslims, their hard-line Islamic values pay off in most uproar for a new constitution.

Management and Ownership

Rayani Airlines is managed by Jaafar Zamhari (managing director) and owned by Ravi Alagendrran and his wife Karthiyani Govindan. The airline has also considers to appoint Mursyidul Am (Spiritual Leader) of PAS, Datuk Dr Haron as its advisor to implement strategies that would successfully allow sharia law run within the company. The Arline also plans to form a joint alliance with Royal Brunei Airlines in future in order to increase its strength within the aviation industry.


As of January 2016, Rayani Airlines operates to the following destinations.

• Kota Bharu - Sultan Ismail Petra Airport

• Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur International Airport

• Langkawi - Langkawi International Airport

Other flights to commence during the year 2016 include;

• Kota Kinabalu - Kota Kinabalu International Airport (begins February 2016)

• Kuching - Kuching International Airport (begins February 2016)


As of December 2015, Rayani Airlines has one Boeing 737-400 in service with three more on order. These planes have a seating capacity of 132 passengers – 12 business class and 120 economy. In addition, the airliner has ordered two Boeing 737-800 which will be entering service in the year 2017.

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