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We created FlightMalaysia.com because we were tired of having to visit several websites to find out exactly which airlines fly which routes.

Most sites only display the airlines they have developed financial partnerships with so they make money by referring you to the airline if they can refer you to the airline and make money out of the referral. If they don't have a relationship with an airline then the flight won't be listed and we all lose out because we are missing the information.

We wanted to develop a site where you can see all the information. In the future, we may 'monetise' the site , but it won't stop us from listing ALL the alternative. We believe that by offering this superior set of information, you will want to come back to site when you're booking a flight, whether or not you book through us.

We have the philosophy no website is ever 'complete'. We're always in development stage and looking for constant improvement, so if you have any suggestions, for improvements or updates or just want to say hello, then please contact us.

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