Mukah Airport (MKM), Mukah


Mukah is a coastal town on the South China Sea and for many years was an ancient trading and fishing port. The town in is the Sarawak area of Malaysia and is one of the town’s most important divisions for administration. Many visitors come here for the exotic beaches and lush greenery The Melanau people that inhabit this area offer a warm welcome to visitors and have a whole host of cultural activities they love to share. The airport is owned by the Malaysian Government and operated by Malaysia Airports Berhad.


In 2008 the government planned to allocate money for a new airport in Mukah. The new RM600 million airport was proposed so that the area could attract bigger aircraft rather than only light aircraft, helicopters and turbo props. By July 2012, according to the local newspaper “The Star” the budget had been cut in half and building has yet to start.


The runway runs more or less parallel to the coast with only on average about 100 metres separating the tarmac from the sand. Because of the soft, peaty soil permission would not be granted to extend the runway in its present location and the new airport will be near Oya, about 7 kilometres away.


The small terminal building is sufficient for short stops when using Mukah Airport but has only basic facilities. The town centre is only about 1.5 kilometres away and anything else that is needed can be found there.

Flights and Destinations

MASwings – Kuching, Miri

Transport To and From the Airport

Most people walk to the nearby town or pre-arrange transport. There are no taxis but the locals will often give a lift if asked. From Mukah town express buses connect with Subu, Miri and Bintulu via the Pan Borneo Highway.

Routes To Mukah Airport

Routes From Mukah Airport

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