Marudi Airport (MUR), Marudi


Marudi is in the north of Sarawak in Malyasia on the Baram River. It is the largest town in the sparsely-populated Baram district and the heart of the Orang Ulu, the highland tribesfolk. The town is fairly quiet and is about 80 kilometres inland from Miri, a major travel destination in Malaysia. There are plenty of hotels, places to eat and markets but all in Sarawak style. Bizarrely despite Marudi being deep in the jungle the internet connection in the town is very good.

Marudi has a couple of main attractions. The Tua Pek Kong temple has more than a century of history and despite having been the subject of three major fires still remains unharmed. The other is the wooden house of Fort Hose. One of the Brooke family outposts and built in between 1898 and 1901 it now houses a museum. The Brooke family is an English family that ruled Sarawak from 1841 until 1946.

The airport is virtually in the town and the runway is edged by neat green grass with houses and buildings on each side. The Malaysian Government own Marudi Airport and it is managed by Malaysia Airports Berhad.


In the days of pioneer travellers Marudi was a stepping stone between Miri and the Gunung Mulu National Park. From Marudi the intrepid explorers would take the river boat upstream through the rapids to reach Mulu. A small airport at Mulu has meant that the hazards of river travel are not necessary these days.


The terminal is small and functional. As the airport is so close to the town only minimum facilities are necessary.

Flights and Destinations

Malaysia Airlines - Miri, Long Seridan, Long Akah, Bario, Long Banga, Long Lellang.

Transport To and From the Airport

The furthest parts of the town are only about one kilometre from the airport so transport is not really necessary. If you do need a taxi there are a lot of them at the taxi rank near the port, about 400 metres from the airport. It is quite surprising the number of vehicles that are to be found in and around Marudi when you consider the poverty levels and how far into the Malaysian interior the town actually is.

Routes To Marudi Airport

Routes From Marudi Airport

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