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Lutong Airport has not been used for flights for many years now and travellers must go to nearby Miri Airport. Lutong is actually a suburb of Miri in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia so it is not too far to travel. When the airport was active it was owned by Royal Dutch Shell, but when it closed down the terminal was knocked down leaving just the runway intact.

The runway at Lutong has now become a popular venue for sports enthusiasts. Car races, motorcycle sprints and remote controlled planes and helicopters can all be seen being put through their paces here by locals and visitors alike. Paramotor instructors see Lutong as the perfect place to fly and there are a lot of international visitors from places like Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

A local MP from Miri, Dr Michael Teo, has suggested that the old airport should be turned into the newest hotspot for tourists in the city. He is hoping the Ministry of Tourism will step in and help make this a reality.

For many years it was possible to go to the old airport and find aircraft wrecks and see the craters left by them from World War II. However, a lot of the metal has been removed by scrap dealers and there are only a few odds and ends left. Some of the airstrip now is being used by locals to grow watermelons.


Lutong Airport became quite famous between the 1970’s and 1990’s for several reports of hauntings.Apparitions of a Lady in White were seen floating around the airport as well as marching soldiers appearing down the middle of the runway. These events were followed by the ghostly appearance of a World War II Japanese aircraft in the middle of the night. The Paracrypt Research and Study Group (PRSG) were checking out paranormal activity when the aircraft appeared. They tried to move closer but the aircraft just disappeared.

In the early 1990’s a guard ran screaming from his security hut when he saw an apparition of a lady’s torso outside the door. Other guards have made radio calls to duty officers when they have heard women crying and the building vibrates. There have been sightings of a Japanese soldier wandering around, and the mysterious sound of military boots crossing the floors of the locked office building long after everyone has gone home.

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