Long Sukang Airport (LSU), Long Sukang


Long Sukang airport is a tiny airport close to the settlement of Long Sukang in Malaysia. The village is in the Lawas division and there are four small airports in this area. The state capital of Kuching is 660 kilometres from Long Sukang. There are about 60 households with around 500 people living in the village and there is a clinic, church and a school. Long Sukang shares its social and welfare activities with the neighbouring settlements of Long Tuyo, Long Lidung, Puneng Brayong and Long Remirang.

Long Sukang and Long Semadoh about 40 kilometres away are some of the first villages to benefit from a solar hybrid power project being implemented in Sarawak. The airport at Long Sukang has helped to improve and move forward the development of the town and its Lun Bawang people.

The airport is operated by Malaysia Holdings Berhad and owned by the Malaysian Government.


In 1974 the Malaysian Public Works Department carried out major improvements to this rural airport. Malaysia Airlines scheduled flights first landed there in April 1975.

Flights and Destinations

There are no flights scheduled from this airport at the time of writing.

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