Long Lellang Airport (LGL), Long Lellang


Kuching is the state capital of Sarawak in Malaysia and about 600 kilometres away is the village of Long Lellang. The inhabitants of Long Lellang are mainly from the Kelabit tribe but a number of the residents are Penan people. The surrounding villages of Long Lellang are all Penan villages and the people that live in them are some of the few remaining hunter-gatherers.

The small village has a school with over 100 pupils, a shop and a church.

MASwings have run a campaign at Long Lellang Airport to improve the safety and security of the airport. The ground staff were taught to how to conduct safety checks on passengers and to make sure that no sharp objects such as knives, spears and axes are taken on board as hand luggage. The staff must also check the weight of all passengers, luggage and cargo as the Twin Otter aircraft have weight restrictions. MASwings also donated baggage trolleys to the airport to make the working conditions of the staff better.

The airport is owned by the Malaysian Government and is operated Malaysia Airports Sdn. Bhd.


Long Lellang got its airport back in the early 1970’s when a member of the Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) wrote a proposal saying how much the airport was needed and sent it to the powers-that-be. Until the airport opened the travel time between Long Lellang and Brio could take about seven days by walking on bad or non-existent tracks and going through inhospitable countryside. The Public Works department (PWD) stepped in and the land for the runway was cleared within three months and Long Lellang had a fast connection to the outside world.


The terminal building is small and basic. Most people live so close to the airport there is no need to have many facilities at the airport.

Flights and Destinations

Malaysia Airlines fly to Miri and Marudi.

Transport To and From the Airport

The airport is right at the side of the village and the only type of transport is on foot. There are no vehicles but you can go by longboat along the river to some destinations where onward transport by car is possible.

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