Bernam River Airfield, Bernam River


Bernam River Airfield is a private airstrip and the first one in the country. Covering an area of 221 acres it was built to provide infrastructure for aviation in Malaysia. The closure of Sungei Air Base in November 2011 and the increase of flights at Subang Airport have meant that alternatives were needed for light aircraft.

Many light aircraft owners are now leaving their planes at Bernam River Airfield due to the good location and 24 hour security. Many people come with their remote control planes, ultra lights and other sports aircraft.


The airfield is located next to the Perak state border, between Slim River and Behrang. It is quite close to the North-South Expressway so access is easy and Subang International Airport is 90 kilometres away.


The airfield was the brilliant idea of Surendra Singham, the founder of Avaiation Development Corporation. It is now the preferred landing place in the area for pilots to drop in and enjoy the amenities offered.


The runway is quite short and can be hard to spot. There is a lake and area of white sand to the west so when flying in these are good landmarks to look for.


Improvements in recent years have seen the addition of a swimming pool, accommodation and a bar / restaurant. They do on occasions have small air shows when camping pitches are available on a first come, first served basis. The airfield is also used for flying lessons and for light aircraft to land that offer special days out.

Flights and Destinations

Private planes.

Transport To and From the Airport

Transport to and from the airfield will be under your own steam. There are no taxis or buses. The road between the North-South Expressway is more of a concrete track and the Highway Code isn’t strictly adhered to! There is a small toll to pay as you leave the Expressway and as you head towards the airfield there is a guard point where you need to tell the guard you are going out to the airfield. Watch out for motorbikes weaving in and out of the traffic and the police hut on the way there.

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