Was MH370 Airplane Spotted “Low Flying” from Maldives?

7th Apr 2015

Although it has been a year since the Malaysian airplane MH370 crashed somewhere of the cost of Australia, we are no closer to finding the truth about its whereabouts today than we were before.

One thing however could shed some light on the matter and the fate of 239 on board.

What did the Witnesses Saw?

Early reports of the disaster claimed that Maldives islanders saw a “low-flying jumbo jet” on that same day. According to some, the plane had the distinctive red and blue livery Malaysia Airlines.

The witnesses were interviewed by the police at the time and their versions were regarded as honest and reliable.

Back then, one of the witnesses said:

I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’ sure this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly.

A year after, villagers of Kuda Huvadhoo in the Indian Ocean remember what could very likely be MH370’s final moments.

Abdu Rasheed Ibrahim a court official, 47, said:

I watched this very large plane bank slightly and I saw its colors – the red and blue lines – below the windows, then I heard the loud noise. It was unusual, very unusual. It was big and it was flying low. It was a holiday and most people had gone to bed after partying. First, I saw the plane flying towards me over water. When it was over my head I saw it starting to turn away. At first glance I did not know it was a missing plane. I didn’t know that a plane was missing. I went straight home and told my wife about it. I told my family ‘I saw this strange plane’. This is the biggest plane I have ever seen from this island. My family says, ‘It might be the Malaysian plane’. I have seen pictures of the missing plane – I believe that I saw that plane. At the time it was lost, I strongly felt those people who were searching should come here.

Ahmed Shiyaam, an IT manager at the medical clinic on the island, 34, said:

I’m very sure of what I saw on a very clear and bright day, and what I saw was not normal – the plane was very big, and low. I did not know until later that other people saw it too.

Here’s an account from Ahmed Ibrahim, 40:

This was not a normal sight – the plane was different. It was very big, very noisy, flying low. Later that afternoon on the beach I was told the news about the missing plane. I think this is the same flight.

Humaam Dhonmamk, student, 16 said:

I saw the blue and red on a bit of the side. I heard the loud noise of it after it went over. I told the police this too.

Why Weren't the Testimonies Taken More Seriously?

So what possible reason is there as to why the witness’s accounts were not taken more seriously?

One of them has to do with the fact that the island does not have radar. Perhaps, it was viewed that the safer bet when it comes to finding the plane was to rely on mathematical calculations. These have pinpointed the crash zone to an area approximately 1,800 kilometers southwest of Perth.

If what the villagers of Kuda Huvadhoo have seen was indeed MH370, then the search is going more than 5,000 kilometers from where it actually crashed.

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