Was MAS MH370 Flying Over a US Military Base?

27th May 2015

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared in March 2014 somewhere over Southern Chinese Sea was flying in the direction of a United States military base located on a remote island in the Indian Ocean, an aviation technology expert and independent researcher Andre Milne claims.

The base is located on a small island called Diego Garcia and is some ways off any major land mass, as well l as a couple of thousand miles north of the area where the officials believe they will find MH370.  

The island is some 17 square miles big and was used by the US army to refuel bombers flying to Afghanistan and Iraq. It was also used during the Gulf War of 1991.

"MH370 was Shot Down by US forces over Diego Garcia"

The letter Milne sent to Interpol actually coincides somewhat with an earlier report by another independent researcher. Namely, Marc Dugain, who is an ex French pilot said in December last year that he believes the US forces shot down MAS MH370 over Diego Garcia.

According to Dugain, the personnel there feared another suicide attack like the one on the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11, so they shot down the aircraft.

Dugain’s theory was quickly dismissed. However, Milne expands it by saying that he believes MH370 was ready to partake in some kind of hostile and provocative activity above the base. Unlike Dugain, however, he does not say that the American forces there shot down the MAS plane.

Milne further links his theory to recent claims by residents of surrounding Maldives islands who said they spotted a “low flying plane” that day. He believes that the MH370 pilot intentionally flew low.

In his letter to Interpol, Milne wrote:

Whoever was in control of the flight wanted MH370 to be observed by the inhabitants of the Maldives atolls during daylight, as it was flying south towards Diego Garcia.

"MH370 is in the Bay of Bengal", Milne Claims

According to Milne, the search for MAS MH370 is going on in a completely wrong area. He claims that the plane could not have reached the ‘Seventh Arc’ where the search has been conducted since September last year.

He even wrote a letter to the Australian government about it.

Milne believes that the wreckage can be found in the Bay of Bengal and is looking to raise $2 milion to start his own search effort in that area.

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