Tioman Airport (TOD), Tioman Island, Pulau Tioman


Tioman Airport is on the beautiful island of Tioman off the east coast of Malaysia. The island is part of a chain of volcanic islands that make up Pahang Marine Park and is also the most developed. There are quite a few islands in the group to explore and a good starting point is Tioman Island and the best way to get to this island is by air. The island is only 39 kilometres long and 12 kilometres at its widest point and is 32 kilometres from the mainland. There are eight villages offering various standards of accommodation and facilities but they all have in common the wonderful white sand beaches and crystal clear blue seas.

Tioman Airport is owned by the Malaysian Government and it is operated by Malaysia Holdings Berhad.


A new airport for Tioman was supposed to have been started in 2004. It would have seen the airport site moved some two kilometres to Kampung Paya and been built on reclaimed land. The plan was put forward to include a 2,000 metre runway so bigger planes like the Boeing 737 could be accommodated. Under pressure from locals who were concerned about the environmental aspect the plans were halted and the airport remained at Tekek.


Landing at Tioman Airport used to be quite a scary experience but now the runway has been extended it is slightly less hair-raising. The pilot has to head straight for the mountain range and make a very sharp right-hand turn to line up for the runway. Accuracy is vital as a sheer drop over the cliff at the end of the runway means overshooting is not an option. Take-offs are so much more pleasant!


The airport terminal is small but efficient and there are some small shops and restaurants close by. The Featherlight Café inside the terminal serves snacks and drinks and has internet access. There is an ATM about 250 metres from the airport and there is another internet café across the road.

The island is duty free and there are cheap cigarettes and alcohol on sale at the airport. If you purchase goods as you leave the island and are bound for Singapore watch out for the duty free allowances. The Singapore authorities are strict, so make sure you declare anything you are carrying.

Flights and Destinations

Berjaya Air fly to Selatar (Singapore) and Subang (Kuala Lumpur) using Dash-7 48 seater turbo prop aircraft. Maximum baggage weight is 10kg.

Transport To and From the Airport

Some of the resorts like the Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort offer free transfers to and from the airport. If not, be careful of the taxi touts outside the airport, it is usually better to book transport in advance at an agreed price. Other means of local transport are generally by bike or on foot. You can hire sea taxis to take you from one village to another in some parts of the island.

Roads don’t really exist as such on the island a except for the road from the airport to the resort at Berjaya. There is also fairly new concrete road cutting across the island between Tekek and Juara but the ride is steep and hairy and you will need to be in a four wheel drive vehicle. As the crow flies it is only about six kilometres, although it might seem further when you are bouncing up and down in the back of a jeep.

Routes To Tioman Airport

Routes From Tioman Airport

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