Stenciled Codes Found on Mozambique Debris Exclusive to MAB, Says Report

19th Apr 2016

Investigators appear to be one big step closer to finally discovering the fate of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean in March 2014. Namely, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the stenciled codes found on the debris found along the coast of Mozambique are consistent to that used on MH370 and “almost certainly” prove they come from the same aircraft.

The two pieces of debris – one found on 27th December, 2015 and the other on 27th February, 2016, were sent to Australia for examination by the Malaysian government. On Tuesday, ATSB reported the first piece is a “segment from a Boeing 777 flap track fairing” and the second “a segment of a Boeing 777 RH horizontal stabilizer panel”.

Stenciled Code Consistent with Malaysia Airlines and Boeing 777

The investigators were able to come to this conclusion after finding the stenciled code “676EB and the words “NO STEP” on the debris.

In its report ATSB said:

The 676EB stencil font and color was not original from manufacture, but instead conformed to that developed and used by MAB during painting operations. The part had been repainted, which was consistent with MAB maintenance records for 9M-MRO.

ATSB also adds in its report that the two pieces of debris will be sent back to Malaysia layer this week for more examination.

Furthermore, the authorities in Australia said that two other items – a piece of debris found in Mauritius on the Rodrigues Island and a piece with Rolls Royce brand logo found in South Africa – were also brought to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau last week.

The Australian authorities said:

Investigators from the ATSB and the Malaysian authorities are currently examining those two pieces for details which would serve to identify them as coming from a Boeing 777, and in particular, for any details which might serve to link the debris as coming from MH370.

The clock is ticking and the search party, that includes four state-of-the-art vessels scouring the bottom of the ocean for the wreckage, needs to find the MH370 soon and justify almost $70 million that was spend on the search that produced little to no results since its start. The official search is expected to last until June, when it will be called off most likely.

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