Several Malindo Flights Disrupted

3rd Jul 2017

Because the airline had to ground two of its Boeing 737 aircraft at airports in Delhi and Dhaka, due to technical issues, several other Malindo Air services, including both domestic and international, have been disrupted.

A spokesperson for the airline said:

The delays are due to technical issues; therefore we need to reschedule the flights. A number of departures have been affected as two aircraft have been grounded. Affected passengers have been provided with food and accommodation.

However, the customers were not pleased with this explanation and, feeling that the airline didn’t handle the situation very well, took to social media to complain. Most passengers criticized the airline’s lack of communication.

One customer said on her Twitter:

All flights for Malindo airlines are late and they are not even giving proper information.

Another one tweeted:

Bandung, I heard all Malindo flights are delayed for a long and unspecified time.

Yet another wrote:

Reached my limit, I'm so done.

Other passengers went to Malindo’s Facebook page to express their concern. A passenger named Alix Fave said this in a comment:

Yesterday, OD1603, Kuching to kl, retimed 4x and delayed. Actual flight 3.55pm became 10pm. Some pax (waiting since 2pm.

Mr. Fave also said that the airline didn’t offer any form of compensation or anything like food vouchers to the passengers.

According to customers, they had to wait anywhere between four to seven hours to board their flight, not including the time needed to collect their baggage.

The plane in Delhi has been grounded due to engine problems. Originally, flight OD132 was flying from Kuala Lumpur from Lahore, but had to divert to Delhi on 25th June.

On the other hand, flight OD163 was scheduled to return to Kuala Lumpur on 27th June, but returned to Dhaka due to a crack in the windshield.

Due to these two planes being grounded in Delhi and Dhaka, domestic Malindo Air services between KLIA2 and Kota Kinabalu and between Subang and Alor Star have been disrupted. The same goes for international flights to Hanoi, Vietnam and Bandung, Indonesia.

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