Sarawak Wants to Boost Tourism by Increasing Flight Connectivity

21st Jul 2017

The Sarawak government is keen on boosting its tourism sector and improving its economy. To do this, they have already started talks with several airlines to increase flight connectivity to the state and according to Assistant Tourism Minister Lee Kin Shin, the state is waiting for proposals from the biggest Malaysian carriers – AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air on which destinations they want to pursue.

The government would provide market support and help in other ways, while the carriers would conduct market studies, Lee said.

Lee said he particularly hopes to increase the number of direct flights from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, but also some other destinations as well. He also said that the Sarawak government wants to increase the number of chartered flights to the state.

During the Sarawak Day celebration rehearsal this Thursday at the Kuching Waterfront, the Assistant Minister said to reporters:

We are waiting for proposals from the airlines; they are doing the market study and will propose the most viable destinations. AirAsia, for instance, has suggested some destinations they want to pursue and how we can work together to support the sector.

Reporters also wanted to know more about plans for the Hong Kong market. Mr. Lee explained they will consider other alternatives because there are not enough slots at the Kuching International Airport and long-haul sectors have priority at the moment.

The Sarawak Day celebration commemorates the state’s independence from Great Britain, when the British government handed over state’s administration to Sarawak on 22nd July, 1963. The celebration will take place at the Old Courthouse and will also include a 3-day event between 22nd July and 24th July at the Steamship building, celebrating the history of the state’s administration from the Brooke era between 1841 and 1941 to the end of the British movement in 1963.

The exhibition will also include over 100 pictures and videos of the Japanese era and Australian rule and it will be open on Saturday between noon and 9:00 pm and between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm the next day. Entry is free for the celebration.

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