Possible MH370 Debris Arrives in Australia for Testing

21st Mar 2016

A piece of metal debris, about a meter long, that was found off the coast of Mozambique in southeast Africa, has been arrived to Australia. There, the investigators from Australia, Malaysia and specialists from the plane manufacturer Boeing, the Australian National University and Geoscience Australia will examine the white chunk of metal in an attempt to find out if the piece really did once belonged to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

In a statement regarding the investigation, Australian Minister of Infrastructure Darren Chester said the following:

These are items of interest but, because of the rigorous analysis to be performed, it is not possible to speculate on how long it might take to reach any conclusion.

“High Possibility the Debris Belonged to a Boeing 777”, Says Malaysian Transport Minister

On the other hand, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tong is optimistic, saying that there is a “high possibility” that the debris find near Mozambique belongs to a Boeing 777 aircraft. If that proves to be true, this would confirm 777 jet that remains unaccounted for.

After two years of search for the missing plane, only the flaperon found in June last year that washed on the shore of French-owned Reunion Island was confirmed by the investigators from Toulouse in France that it belonged to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The Reunion Island is located southeast from Madagascar, about 944 kilometers away from it, while Mozambique is 1195 kilometers west from the larger island.

The plane went missing two years ago on a trip from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to Beijing Capital International Airport, China. The plane was carrying 239 passengers when it went off the radar and veered in an unknown direction. The reason as to why it did this remains unknown.

 The plane is believed to have crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean and the search team is designated an area of 43.332 square miles for the search effort. A team, consisting of Australian, Chinese and Malaysian investigators, has covered around 35.000 square miles looking for MH370.

The Mozambique debris was found by one Johnny Begue, while he was running along the coast.

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