Plane Wreckage Supposedly Found in the Philippines, Possibly MH370

13th Oct 2015

One audiovisual technician from the Philippines claims to have found the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The 40-year old man, identified as Jamil Omar, says he was out hunting birds with his nephew when the found the supposed wreckage in the southern province of the Philippines, Tawi Tawi.

He furthers claims that the two of them approached the plane when they noticed that it had a Malaysian flag and further found skeletal human remains in the cockpit, still buckled.

Several Things Don't Match About the Discovery

However, investigators remain skeptical about this alleged discovery for several reasons.

For one, there is no photographical evidence to support the man’s claims and the supposed find was made almost a month ago, in September, but only reported last Saturday, on 10th October.

In addition, police and military investigators failed to find a single person in the area who can confirm that a plane has crashed in that area. 

Maguindanao-based Regional Chief Directorial Staff Senior Supt Rodoleo Jocson said to The Star:

We will check it out but if there is any aircraft that has gone down in our area there would have been alerts from civil aviation authorities… To date, there has been none.

Captain Giovanni Carlo Bacordo of the Philippines Navy is also skeptical. He said:

So far, our questionings have determined that island residents have no knowledge of a plane crashing in their locality. They were surprised by this report and were asking us on where it came from.

Additionally, the location is about 8,000 kilometers northeast of Reunion Island, where the only confirmed piece of MH370 wreckage (a flaperon) was found to this date.

The site is also several thousand kilometers away from the “Seventh Arc”, an area in the Indian Ocean where the search for the missing airplane was concentrated on for over a year, but with little success and several million dollars spent.

MAS MH370 disappeared from radar on 8th March, 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on it. The plane was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it inexplicably took a sharp turn to the west and flew for seven more hours. Why it veered off its course and where it is now, is still a mystery for the public and the investigators.

No statement from Malaysia Airlines was made about the report yet.

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