Pangkor Airport (PKG), Pangkor Island, Pulau Pangkor


The island of Pangkor is off the Perak coast in northwest peninsular Malaysia. The tiny eight kilometre square island with its two million year old rainforests is halfway between Penang and Kuala Lumpur and 100 kilometres west of Ipoh. There are some of the regions prettiest beaches on the island along with fishing villages that haven’t changed for fifty years. Only about a fifth of the island has been developed but this supports a population of about 25,000.

As the island isn’t very big the runway takes up quite a large slice with one end in the forest and the other end on the beach, but you do get great views on take-off and landing.

The airport is owned by the Malaysian Government and operated by Malaysia Holdings Berhad.


At one point Berjaya Air stopped flying into Pangkor Airport for a period of 18 months. The company stated that the global economic crisis in 2009 was the reason.


The terminal at Pangkor Airport is in keeping with the rest of the island. The wooden building with a thatched roof sits in well-manicured gardens with the forest behind it. It is not very big but has the necessary facilities for passengers arriving or departing on the 35 minute flight between the island and Kuala Lumpur.

Flights and Destinations

Berjaya Air - Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Kuala Lumpur)

Transport To and From the Airport

There are micro-van taxis readily available at the airport, in the town or once you get off the ferry. They are easy to spot being bright pink, just make sure to agree a price before you set off to your destination.

There are motorbikes available for hire by the end of the main jetty. There are no regulations regarding these and the price will depend on how good your bargaining skills are. If you are asked for a deposit say no very firmly and quickly, they generally accept.

If you are staying at the Teluk Dalam Resort there is a transfer service. You will need to book in advance. If you have hired a car on the mainland you will not be allowed to take it across to the island. Traffic is strictly monitored, however, bicycles and motorcycles are allowed.

Pangkor Airport Arrivals

Pangkor Airport Departures

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