New MH370 Debris Confirmed

16th Sep 2016

The Australian government confirmed that the wing flap found on the island of Pemba, near the coast of Tanzania in June this year, was from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

This makes the wing flap the second confirmed piece of debris from MH370, which disappeared in March, 2014, under yet unspecified circumstances. The first definitely confirmed debris from the Boeing 777-200 was found on the French-owned Reunion Island in July last year. Reunion is located east of Pemba and Madagascar.

According to the Australian Transport Bureau (ATSB), the identifying numbers on the wing flap found on Pemba match those from the MH370 flight. The ATSB has also announced that the wing flap will be examined for evidence of interaction with the flaperon and other surrounding components and mechanisms in order to better understand the end of flight scenarios.

The ATSB has examined the debris at the request from the Malaysian government.

Speaking about this, ATSB communications officer Daniel O’Malley said:

It’s important to keep in mind that this panel is still being examined. So while we’ve identified its origin with certainty, we’re still examining it for any information or insights it might provide about the aircraft’s end scenario — how it entered the water.

19 other pieces of debris found in South Africa, Mozambique and other African countries were being analyzed for connection with the missing MH370, confirmed the Malaysian government in August. Several of those are cited as “almost certain” matches, depending on the presence or the absence of the identifying serial number.

MAB Launches Xmas Getaway Sale for UK Customers

Meanwhile, MAB has launched a Christmas getaway sale. Travelers from UK can book their fares between today and 30th September (the promotion sale closes on midnight) to take a trip to Kuala Lumpur and enjoy the warmer climate there.

Return flights start as low as £479 for Economy Class.

New MAB Chief Commercial Officer Arved von zur Muehlen said:

With the festive holidays just around the corner, Malaysia Airlines offers the perfect opportunity to escape the winter weather and enjoy this magical season in the warm climates of the Far East, Australia or New Zealand with friends and family.

MAB flies twice per day between Heathrow and KLIA airports.

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