Mozambique Debris Analyzed in Malaysia for Possible Connection to MH370

11th Mar 2016

A 3.3 foot debris, found recently near Mozambique in southeastern Africa will be sent to Malaysia to investigate whether it has any connection to the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. The debris was found two weeks ago on a sandbank in the Mozambique Channel, which lies between Mozambique and Madagascar.

Once the experts in Malaysia are finished with their investigation, the piece will be sent to Australia for further testing.

Communication officer for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the leading body in the search for MH370 Daniel J.T. O’Malley said:

Malaysia retains responsibility for the overall investigation into the disappearance of MH370 and the coordination of other nation’s input.

A New Piece Found in Mozambique?

The experts might soon get another piece of debris for testing, also from Mozambique. Namely, a new report claims that more wreckage have been found on Mozambique's shore by a local family. The family has contacted the authorities in South Africa and Australia regarding their discovery.

An official for the South African Civil Aviation Authority’s Accident and Incident Investigation Division said they will soon send a team to collect the debris. Later on, they will pass it on to the international investigation team to examine whether it comes from the Boeing 777-200.

Reunion Flaperon the Only Confirmed MAS MH370 Piece so Far

So far, two years after the catastrophic incident in which 239 people lost their lives, neither hide nor hair have been found that belong to the Boeing 777-200, except for a flaperon that has washed ashore on the coast of Reunion Island, near Madagascar.

After examining it, the experts in Toulouse, France, confirmed that the flaperon, which is a part of the wing, indeed once belonged to the MH370.

The flaperon was found in July last year.

Meanwhile, Johnny Begue, the man who found the flaperon, has reportedly found another piece that could be from the missing airplane. That piece, found not a full week ago, is also sent to Toulouse for testing.

Flight MH370 disappeared on 8th March, while carrying passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Although the search for it has covered nearly 35,000 square miles out of 46,332 designated, the only thing found belonging to the plane was the Reunion flaperon.

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