More MH17 Kin Sue MAB Ahead of Lawsuit Deadline

15th Jul 2016

Malaysia Airlines Bhd has two more lawsuits filed against it by the families and friends of the passengers that died onboard Flight MH17 when it was shot down by a Russian-made BUK missile over Ukraine in 2014.

The first lawsuit is filed by the kin of seven passengers. The lawyer representing the families seeking retribution from the Malaysian carrier, Arunan Selvaraj said his clients are suing MAB before the two year deadline passes, according to the Montreal Convention of 1999.

Dr Arunan said:

We have filed seven suits. We are acting for 11 clients. We requested for special damages and general damages; general damages will be assessed by the court later. Our suit here is basically by virtue of the Montreal Convention, whatever they are entitled by the Montreal Convention.

He also added that the kin are looking for special damages for funeral expenses and belongings.

In a separate lawsuit families of eight passengers from Malaysia are also filing a lawsuit against Malaysia Airlines. They are represented by Shailender Bhar who, at the press conference held at the High Court lobby said:

The crux of this suit is going with the fact that MAS was using a route that should not have been used in the first place. So they were putting the entire plane, entire crew and entire passengers in danger.

Mr Shailender also said that families are claiming losses in support and services because of the deaths of their family members and for aggravated and exemplary damages.

Most victims on board Flight MH17 were from Netherlands, as the plane was flying from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Netherland to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. The passengers on the ill-fated plane were also from Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

MAB Awards Enrich Members With 50% off Flight Redemptions Between Malaysia and Greater China

Malaysia Airlines is offering members of its Enrich loyalty program the opportunity to get up to 50 per cent off flight redemption for flights from Malaysia to Greater China via its new campaign called “Wo Ai Ni”.

Head of loyalty at Malaysia Airline Kharui Nisa Ismail said that Greater China has always been the favorite destination for Enrich members.

He also said about the campaign:

With the Enrich ‘No Ai Ni’ campaign, we are strengthening our strong relationship with our members and repaying their loyalty by offering great redemption discounts with up to 50 per cent off for them to enjoy on their next trip to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong from as low as 7,000 Enrich Miles.

Enrich members can book a fare between 14 and 21 July, 2016 and use it for travel between 14 July and 14 September this year.

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