MH17 Remains Found With Oxygen Mask

9th Oct 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight left Amsterdam in early afternoon of July 17 (local time) for Kuala Lumpur.

The plane, which was supposed to arrive in the Malaysian capital 12 hours later, didn't make it to its destination when it crashed down near the troubled region of Ukraine.

The ill-fated aircraft which was carrying more than 298 people on board, including its 15 flight crew, was believed to have been hit by a surface-to-air missile launched from unknown location. The region, where the aircraft was flying over, was a troubled spot where Russian-backed separatist rebels fight against the Ukrainian government.

Both warring parties denied any responsibility in the incident. It appeared that the aircraft was intentionally shot down over Ukrainian airspace. The plane exploded mid-air and plunged like a huge fireball to the ground according to some witnesses' account.

Search and rescue teams discovered the debris scattered over an area of 34 square kilometers. One interesting find, which would help investigators their probe on the incident, was the remains of one victim with an oxygen mask strapped around his neck. The mask, though, was no longer on his face.

The victim was identified later as an Australian citizen, according to Wim De Bruin from the Dutch National Prosecutor's Office, who leads in the crime investigation of the incident.

Investigators found no other mask-wearing remains in the crash site.

The Dutch investigators theorized that the aircraft must have been hit by a high-energy object from outside, which further cements the theory of many aviation experts that the aircraft must have been hit by a missile.

It was believed that the aircraft was shot from the ground leading to the fiery explosion in the air causing its instant disintegration midair that may have already killed all the people on board before any debris or remains reached the ground.

Some investigators were baffled at the discovery of the remains with a mask saying it is highly probable that people inside the plane wouldn't have seen a missile coming that one had to reach for the mask which is usually stowed above the seat. Or did he know the imminent trouble?

Dutch investigators will surely work on this baffling find and assure victims to expedite the investigation which is estimated to be completed in the middle of next year.

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