MAS MH370 Debris Washes up on the Shores of Reunion Island

4th Aug 2015

The name “Reunion Island” probably doesn’t ring many bells, but this mini island, smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean, could very well soon become world famous.

A piece of debris, presumably from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 washed onto the shores of Reunion Island. This could be just what the search teams need to finally wrap this one and locate the missing plane.

The search around the island, located some 700 kilometers east of Madagascar, is led by a volunteer rescue team called Sauveters En Mer. Its leader Cecil Dupre had this to say about MH370:

People find it terrible. Everyone was so shocked by the way this plane disappeared. Without any explanation.

Dupre also explained how family ties on the tiny island play a crucial role in everyone wanting to find the truth about the missing aircraft and give families of those who perished onboard some semblance of closure.

Dupre said:                                                                                

It’s a small place and people are concerned for the families of those that went missing on MH370. They’re very concerned not to know where the bodies of the victims of MH370 are.

Ever since, what looks like, a flaperon from a Boeing 777 was found on the beaches of Reunion Island, the residents have been engaged in a frantic search for more clues. Unfortunately, the search hasn’t netted much, except for one suitcase. It’s been already sent to Paris, France, for further examination.

It’s French Tradition to Take Part in the Sea Rescue, Says Dupre

According to Dupre, the biggest reason he and his team are involved in this search, with little more than a boat and some radios, lies in the French sailor tradition to always take part in the sea rescue and do something for the community they are a part of.

Of course, Dupre is well aware of how the sea “works”:

They say the sea has its own way of working. We are looking for whatever the sea could give back.

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