Malaysian Authorities to Inspect Possible MH370 Maldives Debris

11th Aug 2015

A team of experts from Malaysia has been sent to the island of Maldives with the task of determining whether the debris found by islanders there really belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Authorities Advising Against Speculation

The investigators will first do a preliminary inspection of the washed up items, but the authorities are advising against any speculation.

A statement from the Malaysia’s Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai reads:

We will be dispatching a team to the Maldives to view the debris as well as conduct preliminary verification of the debris. Once it is determined to be aircraft debris, discussions will be held to determine next steps in terms of process of analysis.

The statement further says:

At this stage, it is highly premature to speculate on whether this debris is in any way connected to MH370. Undue speculation will only stress the families and loved ones (of those on board MH370) who are anxiously awaiting news on this matter.

Maldives Join the Search for MAS MH370 After Debris Washes Up There

The government in Maldives has joined the international search operation for the missing MAS MH370 after debris from an airplane washed up on the shores of this tropical island. It is unknown at this point if the debris is from MH370 or some other aircraft.

Residents of this island have found several items, possibly from a plane and more debris is being reported found constantly, although many of those reports prove to be false alarms.

However, multiple local reports are playing down the findings, saying that the materials and debris actually belong to a construction site nearby.

The search for the Malaysia Airlines MH370, which went missing on 8th March, 2014 was all but abandoned at one point as the investigators could not find a single piece of evidence that would point them to the location of the missing aircraft. The search, however, was reignited following the discovery of an aircraft flaperon on Reunion Island two weeks ago.

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