Malaysia Airlines to Offer Ticket Discounts at MATTA Fair

20th Aug 2015

Customers of Malaysia Airlines will be able to receive a sizable discount on promotion tickets if they buy them during the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Fair.

The fair will be held between 4th and 6th September, 2015 at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur.

MAS, which will offer discounts to all routes it is operating, is expected to have a strong presence at the MATTA Fair through travel agents.

Speaking about the discounts, Kathleen Leong Senior Manager of Regional Sales at Malaysia Airlines said:

Our channels of distribution would be via the travel agents at the fair, our appointed travel agencies nationwide, as well as our website.

Leong further said that Malaysia Airlines will award flight tickets to the winners of the MATTA Fair Buyers’ Contest. The contest, she said, will be opened for anyone who buys a travel package of at least RM300 during the fair.

Leong also mentioned which destinations the contest winners can look forward to:

We will be giving away 10 return tickets to destinations such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong to the winners.

MAS MH370 Debris Search Continues

In the meantime, the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues. Mohd Harridon Mohamed Suffian, from the Universiti Kuala Lumpur says that more debris will help the investigators determine the exact location of the missing plane in the Indian Ocean.

He said:

Using marine ecosystems analysis, comparing samples and recorded marine data, scientists can determine where the restudies originated. With more of the wreckage found, scientists would have more data, and more data means better chance of analysis accuracy.

MH370 went missing in March 2014, with little to indicate as to why and where. The search went on with little success until a flaperon was found on Reunion Island, east of Madagascar and south-west of Mauritius.

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