Malaysia Airlines to Look for Staff From Within

15th Oct 2015

For its first larger recruitment after it let go about 8,000 employees in a restructuring exercise, Malaysia Airlines Bhd is now looking to what it already has.

MAB Invited to Apply for Positions via Internal Note

In an internal note to MAB employees, dated 13th October, interim Chief Human Resources Officer Claudia Maria Cadena Tarazona said:

I am pleased to announce that in line with our commitment to provide equal opportunity and career advancement to our employees, we are inviting applications for vacancies within the organization.

The announcement goes on to say:

If you are ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities, we would like to encourage you to apply for positions that are a good match to your skills and interest.

The vacancies will be available until 26th October and details, including the application submission links are placed on Malaysia Airlines intranet (which is only accessible by its employees).

The note also encouraged contract staff to apply, and explained the applications are for both higher and lateral positions within the company.

MH370 and MH17 Crashes Forced MAB to Enter Restructuring

Malaysia Airlines was forced to undergo a significant restructuring and to terminate about 8,000 of its employees following two air tragedies last year in the span of just 4 months.

As part of the restructuring, Malaysia Airlines, now Malaysia Airlines Berhad was transformed into a more streamlined entity and cut much of its internal costs, as well as axed some of the less profitable routes.

MH370 disappeared presumably somewhere in or around the Indian Ocean in March, 2014. The Boeing 777 was carrying 239 passengers and crew members from KL to Beijing when it veered west off its course and then disappeared from the radar completely. The plane is yet to be found, although a piece of it (a flaperon) was found near the Reunion Island.

MH17 was making a return flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in July, 2014 when it was shot down over war-torn Ukraine by a missile. Recent report by Dutch investigators revealed that it was a Russian-made Buk missile system that hit MH17.

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