Malaysia Airlines Settles with Australian Family over MH17 Crash

2nd May 2017

Although it won’t bring them back the ones they’ve lost when the Flight MH17 was shut down over Ukraine in 2014, one Australian family may have gained some measure of peace when they reached a settlement with the airline operating the ill-fated plane – Malaysia Airlines.

Perth residents Anthony Maslin and Rin Norris have withdrawn their suit against the Malaysian airline and have reached what they called “an amicable settlement”. This was also confirmed by a senior executive for Malaysia Airlines Norshafiza Zulkifli, who said:

We can confirm that we have reached an amicable and confidential settlement with the Maslin family and therefore the suit has been withdrawn. We will not however disclose any further details on this suit or about the details of the settlement in respect to the privacy of the family. Malaysia Airlines was flying over an unrestricted airspace and was compliant of all applicable regulatory requirements in preparing and operating its flight as confirmed by the Dutch Safety Board in its final report into the crash of MH17.

The Maslin’s lost Mo (8-years), Evie (10), Otis (12) and their grandfather Nick Norris. The four of them were returning from a family holiday in Europe when a BUK ground-to-air missile hit their plane.

MAB Plane Tyre Deflate During Landing, KLIA Runway Closes

Meanwhile, another Malaysia Airlines plane was involved in an incident, although of a much smaller proportion. On Tuesday, 2nd May, Malaysia Airline Flight MH726, flying from Jakarta had two of its tires deflate during landing at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Fortunately, the Boeing 787 landed safely, but this has caused the runway at KLIA to be closed until further notice.

In a statement about this incident, Malaysia Airlines said:

Malaysia Airlines flight MH726 from Jakarta today had two of its tires deflated after landing safely at KL International Airport at 7.13am. Runway 2 at KLIA will be closed until further notice. The airline will be investigating the cause of the incident on the Boeing 738 aircraft. Due to aircraft shortage, some flights utilizing this aircraft will be upgraded to be operated by the Airbus 330 aircraft and we are looking into deploying the Airbus 380 aircraft to service the Australian routes.

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