Malaysia Airlines Offers 50% Discount to Enrich Members

22nd Jan 2016

For the next eight days, anyone who is a member of Malaysia Airlines’ loyalty scheme – Enrich - can get a discount on his or her selected destination, including Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul. The Malaysian airline is offering flight redemptions of at least 30% and up to 50%.

The redemption is for the period between 25th January and 1st February and can be used between 18th February and 31st May, Malaysia Airlines said in a statement this Friday.

The statement from the carrier said:

Enrich members need only pay for the airport taxes and any applicable surcharges for these promotional redemptions.

Head of Malaysia Airlines Berhad loyalty programme Khairul Nisa Ismail explained on which destinations the customers can get a 50 per cent discount. This would be: Shanghai, Beijing, Dhaka, Darwin, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kathmandu.

She also said:

We also highly encourage Enrich members with miles that are about to expire to grab this amazing offer. A return flight to Beijing will require only 22,500 Enrich redemption miles.

Those interested in  getting this redemption can log on to Enrich website at, call Malaysia Airlines’ call centre at 1300883000 (the call centre is available 24 hours every day), or they can pay a visit to the Malaysia Airlines ticket office nearest to their current location.

MAB Sued Again Over MH370

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines’ woes over the catastrophic incident and the disappearance of flight MH370 are far from over. This time the airline was sued by Thomas Wood, a brother of a man who died the crash on March 2014.

Wood sued MAB in the US court, demanding that the airline either pays him $155,937 for reparations, or prove that his brother, Phillip, died of anything else other than pure negligence.

Of course, knowing the wreckage is yet to be found, it remains to be seen how and, perhaps more importantly, if MAB can prove these negligence claims untrue.

 A report from the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation from 2015 certainly doesn’t help the carrier’s case. According to the investigators, someone, on the plane disabled the tracking devices, which caused it to turn south, plunge into the ocean and kill all 239 passengers and crew members.

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