Malaysia Airlines Close to Airbus A330NEO Deal

19th Jun 2017

Malaysia Airlines and Airbus appear to be close to making a deal that will allow the first to purchase 25 to 30 Airbus A330NEO aircraft from the later, but there are a few more things that need to be ironed out.

Most importantly, the two sides are still unable to agree on the price for the jets. The aircrafts, which come in two versions, are advertised at US$255 million and US$291 million, before discounts.

In addition, Peter Bellew, Malaysia Airlines chief executive officer said this Weekend that delivery schedules for the planes are another topic on which MAS has asked for clarification.

Bellew said:

With fuel still relatively low and likely to stabilize at that level second-hand aircraft are also attractive, so the figures need to add up.

Malaysia Airlines plans to get delivery of the new planes between 2018 and 2023. Alternatively, MAS could also buy Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which come in three variations, priced from US$230 million to US$313 million.

The total list price for the planes should be above US$7 billion. What's certain, however, is that MAS will not place an order at the Paris Air Show this week.

MAS Announces New Seating Policy

In the meantime, the national carrier has also announced a new seating policy on its planes. From now on, you will be charged for the privilege to select where you are going to sit when flying with Malaysia Airlines.

The new policy applies only to passengers in MAS Economy Class, while First Class, Business Class and Enrich Platinum passengers are not included and can select their preferred seat free of charge. Also, you won’t be charged if you select a seat during online check-in, unless it’s the exit row.

For services within Malaysia and in the ASEAN region, passengers who want to select their seats will be charged RM12 or around US$3. For long haul flights, to United Kingdom, South West Pacific and China, the charge is RM50 or US$12 per person. If you want an exit row seat on a long haul flight, this will cost you RM150 per person or US$35.

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