MAB Celebrates Long-Term Partnership with Sabre

26th Jan 2016

Malaysia Airlines Berhad celebrated its long-term partnership with the top tech provider for the world’s travel industry Sabre Corporation at an even that gathered more than 200 representatives and high ranking officials for travel agencies.

Speaking about the partnership with Sabre and what it means to Malaysia Airlines, MAB Head of Sales Laurent Recoura said:

Through our deep-rooted relationship with Sabre we are maximizing the most efficient distribution channels for Malaysia Airlines while ensuring that travel agents and travel management companies, locally and overseas, have access to the best fares and flight information.

Recoura continued:

We are delighted to have the opportunity to personally thank our travel agency partners in Malaysia for their ongoing support.

Asia-Pacific Vice President for Supplier Commerce and Strategic Partnerships for Sabre Travel Network Hans Belle said that Sabre is always looking for new ways for airlines to be unique and show their content via Sabre’s channel.

He also said:

Our booking promotion campaigns with Malaysia Airlines are just one example of the creative ways we work to deliver solutions that achieve impactful results for their business.

Malaysia Airlines and Sabre ran a number of promotions during 2015 in the hopes of incentivizing travel agencies and boost bookings on Malaysia Airlines Berhad via Sabre Travel Network.

Malaysia Airlines No Longer Flying From Schiphol

Meanwhile, as of Monday, the Malaysian airline is no longer operating flights out of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland.

The last flight from Schiphol departed yesterday at 11:40 AM.

This marks the end of MAB’s 35-year long activity on Schiphol, as well as an end to “an emotional weekend” as Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Officer Huib Gorter put it.

Amsterdam is just one of the many destinations that were cut by the Malaysian carrier in recent months, following financial woes that were mostly caused by the disappearance of flight MH370 Capital and MH17 in which a total of 537 people lost their lives.

MH17 was on route from Schiphol Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport when it was shot down by a Russian-made BUK missile over Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine during the conflicts there.

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