Families of Four Malaysia Airlines MH370 Victims are Suing the Company

12th Apr 2016

Families of Robert and Catherine Lawton and Rodney and Mary Burrows, who were onboard the Boeing 777 flight MH370 when it crashed in March 2014, are suing Malaysia Airlines for not doing enough to prevent the flight from veering off course and disappearing.

The two families are demanding compensation from MAB after “suffering varying degrees of nervous shock and consequential economic loss” due to the deaths of their family members and loved ones. They have turned to the Federal Court of Australia and are demanding damages of over $200,000 from the Malaysian airline. They are also asking MAB to reimburse the cost of any memorial services they had for their loved ones.

The claim said that MAB:

Failed to take any or any adequate precautions for the safety of the passengers and exposed the passengers to a risk of injury, which could have been avoided by reasonable care.

In addition, the statement from the Lawton and Burrows families also states that Malaysia Airlines:

Failed to prevent the Flight (MH370) from being operated in a manner that caused it to crash.

The two families are traveling to Beijing when their plane crashed dived into the Indian Ocean. The Burrows had just sold their home in Middle Bark in Brisbane and Mr Burrows recently accepted a redundancy from his company before boarding the flight.

Third Lawsuit from Australia since February

This is the third lawsuit from Australia alone that the Malaysian national carrier has received since the start of this year.

In February, Yen Li Chong, a 48-year old Victoria state resident sued MAB for the death of her husband Chong Ling Tan with the Victorian Supreme Court, claiming she had suffered “nervous shock” over her husband’s death.

Last month, family of another MH370 passenger from Australia, Paul Weeks, also lodged court documents, with the intention to sue the company over the death of Weeks. His family lodged five writs in the West Australian Supreme Court. The writs were filed in the name of his wife Danica, children Lincoln (5 years) and Jack (2 years), mother Prudence Tomblin, brother Peter and sister Sara.

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