Eaglexpress Still Flying Despite MavCom Revoking its Permission

26th Dec 2016

According to the secretary-general of the National Union for Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM), Mohd Akram Osman, charter airline Eaglexpress is still operating flights, despite having its air service license revoked by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MavCom) last Tuesday.

Osman said:

The management continued to issue orders for the crew to operate, under a Malaysian aircraft code that is only approved by the Department of Civil Aviation. This aircraft is used for Saudi Airlines, as the leasor, to operate with the crew for their trips to Algeria. But the crew members are only hired to fly under Eaglexpress to and from Malaysia. If anything happens to the aircraft, a blame game will ensue.

Asked where he came with such information, Osman said it came directly from Eaglexpress staff and that they asked the union for help in the matter. He also showed the local media a list of names (presumably of one of the cabin crews) and said NUFRAM contacted some of them for additional information about this.

NUFRAM Urges MavCom to Investigate and Take Action

NUFRAM secretary-general called MavCom to investigated this and take necessary action:

Eaglexpress should immediately cease all its operations and avoid placing the lives of its passengers and crew at risk. The airline management should also be reprimanded and charged for going against the aviation laws and regulations.  

He also added:

Even right after the date of suspension, Eaglexpress issued schedules to the employees to fly. Some refused, some had no choice. They are worried for their safety. After two serious air disasters involving Malaysia Airlines, we are highly concerned about all these illegal operations that are taking place. Without the permit, insurance coverage under the international laws, are not applicable to those on board Eaglexpress flights.

Eaglexpress was launched in January, 2012 and was catering mostly to the Muslim pilgrimage market. It served 19 destinations with Haj and Umrah flights to Saudi Arabia from Malaysia, the Middle East, Indonesia, North Africa and Bangladesh.

No comment was made from the service charter airline about this so far.

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