Another MH370 Victim’s Family Sues Malaysia Airlines for MH370

14th Mar 2016

With the two-year window in which families of victims can file lawsuits, Malaysia Airlines has to deal with more and more of such legal actions. The latest of them comes from the family of Paul Weeks from New Zealand. His family is suing MAB for ‘sudden shock’ and ‘mental harm’ they suffered after the disappearance of flight MH370, on which Paul was aboard for its last flight.

The Weeks family, which lives in Perth, Australia, filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The writs were filed by wife Danica, mother Prudence, brother Peter and sister Sara. They are all requesting compensation from the Malaysian airline for ‘personal injury, loss and damage’ for what they suffered following the MH370 disaster.

In addition to these four writs, Danica Weeks also filed a lawsuit on behalf of her and Paul’s children – Lincoln and Jack, 5 and 2 years respectively.

The family is claiming 6 per cent interest on damages from MAB a year, as well as being reimbursed all legal costs, but did not discuss the full amount of damages they are looking.

The writ says:

The cause of the plaintiff’s pain, injury, loss and damage was negligence of the defendant.

Search Operation Mostly Unfruitful

A big roadblock for all sides involved in these lawsuits remains the fact that the wreckage remains missing even after more than two years since the disappearance.

Even a multimillion-dollar search, which is being conducted for well over a year now, produced almost no results after scanning 34,749 square miles of the southern Indian Ocean out of 46,332 sq. miles of the designated search area.

The search location is further marred by the fact that the only confirmed piece of MH370 was found by accident on the shore of Reunion Island, which is around 2,300 miles away from the search area. The piece in question was a plane flaperon and it was confirmed by investigators in Toulouse, France that it did indeed once belonged to MH370.

In addition to the Reunion flaperon, two more potential pieces of the Boeing 777-200 were found near the African nation of Mozambique this month. Both are currently being examined for link to the missing plane.

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