AirAsia X to Fly to an Exclusive European Destination

6th Apr 2015

CEO of AirAsia X Bhd, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun revealed today that the carrier will start flying to two new destinations by December. 

New destinations for the leading Malaysian airline company will be Hawaii and an yet unnamed destination in Europe, according to the company.

AirAsia X is currently working out an arrangement with a feeder air company in Europe regarding the unnamed route.

Speaking to the press at the launch of Wisma Tune, AirAsia X Group chief executive officer said:

The key thing for us is to find a destination where we can also link with a good feeder airline.

The plan at the company is to bring in passengers from destinations not normally served by the big airliners. The hope is that the partnership with the feeder airliner will help AirAsia X in this.

Until 2012, AirAsia X operated a link to Paris and London (Airbus A340), but had to cancel it.

Regarding the Hawaii route, chief executive officer at the AirAsia Group Sri Tony Fernandes said back in February that the carrier will start the application process for flying to Hawaii.

How is AirAsia X Doing Financially?

Financially, AirAsia X recorded a pre-tax loss of RM 605.18 million last year. In 2013, the pre-tax loss reported by the company was RM 212.06 million. This was explained by the higher operating costs (RM 3,32 billion) in 2014, which was 33,9% higher than in 2013.

Speaking of AirAsia future, Kamarudin said that, based on early indications like higher bookings and yields, it looks very promising.

Here's what he had to say about the company's financial standings:

AirAsia X is no different from AirAsia because when we started AirAsia, we did not have the money and we faced competition from stronger and financially stable airlines in the region. AirAsia X is facing some problems now, but its shareholders are in a much better position and the competitors are not as strong as they used to be, there is no reason why we cannot turn the company into profitability.

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