AirAsia X Offers Innovative Booking Feature

5th Dec 2014

The global airline industry has become more intense and more competitive where airlines become more innovative with their product offerings to keep and attract more customers.

AirAsia is not far behind when it comes to product innovation. In fact, it has been a trendsetter for product innovations in air travel industry.

Recently, the long-haul brand of Asia's first and largest budget carrier has launched an online booking feature that is seen to revolutionize the way people book their tickets in the coming years.

The feature, aptly called multi-city, allows customers to book multiple flights in just one transaction, a minimum of two flights and a maximum of six flights.

The feature had its test run since August 7 this year and was found to be successful that the airline decided to push through with its launch to make it widely available to all customers.

Aside from the regular booking procedures on single-flight booking, business travelers on business class and premium flex tickets may use the multi-city feature just as easy.

With the new revolutionary feature, guests will now be able to take advantage of plotting their trips across a wide swath of Asia within the AirAsia network at an unprecedented ease and comfort, as the waiting time between flights is greatly reduced. This eliminates boredom and stress caused by long layover most especially when you have something to catch on at your destination.

The multi-city flights can be both point-to-point and Fly-Thru booking. For example, you may book a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and book Shanghai to Sydney flight in just one transaction.

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