AirAsia Warns Customers of Online Scam

27th Jul 2016

Malaysian airline AirAsia Bhd has warned the public not to take part in the latest online survey that is currently circulating via social media promising free flights to those that complete the survey. The carrier said that this survey is in fact another online scam.

In a statement about this, the low-cost carrier said on Tuesday:

We advise the public to disregard such invitations and AirAsia shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the false scheme.

AirAsia also said that the survey is not conducted by itself or any of its affiliates and that is nothing more but a scam attempting to capitalize on the airline’s brand, without AirAsia’s specific consent and authorization.

The LCC said in its statement:

We would like to reiterate that AirAsia does not enlist third party services in organizing activities and any announcements are made via official channels such as credible mass media and our official social media channels.

The carrier has also lodged a police report against the scammers and will take legal actions against them and other groups or individuals using its brand in illegal schemes.

AirAsia Group Load Factor Gets to 85 Per Cent

AirAsia Group has also revealed that its load factor went up 6 per cent points from a year ago and is currently 85 per cent. Leading the charge was Malaysia AirAsia, which saw its load factor get to 87 per cent for the period.

In addition, the group carried 13.9 million passengers, which was 12 per cent more than last year.

Malaysia AirAsia (MAA) itself recorded a 7 percentage points increase in Q2 2016.

An official for MAA said:

Demand exceeded capacity with 10% increase in the number of passengers carried at 6.55 million and 1% on-year increase in capacity.

When it comes to other airlines in the group, AirAsia India recorded a load factor of 87 per cent for Q2, Thai AirAsia, 83 per cent and Indonesia AirAsia also 83 per cent. Philippines AirAsia reported a 91 per cent load factor for the second quarter of the year, up 11 percentage points.

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