AirAsia Warns Customers Against Lottery Scam

4th Oct 2014

​The lottery scam has been in circulation for quite some time, but it still persists to this day trying to dupe clueless people who are in desperate search for an easy fortune.

AirAsia has issued the warning to its customers after receiving complaints from some of its clients who received solicitation emails from the bogus lottery claiming to be from the airline.

The scam was said to be in circulation since 2011, particularly targeting Sabahans and solicit personal information from them after telling them that they won a large sum of money.

They usually target gullible recipients who would reply to their email message. Once they get them into their trap, they then ask the victims to divulge their personal information such as name, address, telephone number, etc. The information is said to be necessary in order to redeem the money from AirAsia which is worth as much as RM300,000.

The contact person seemed to have taken the name JK Allen and use email accounts like [email protected] and [email protected].

Amir Faezal Zakaria, AirAsia group's legal head, submitted a police report yesterday denying the airline has any participation in any promotional contest involving third party to act in its behalf.
He assured, however, that none of their customers have reported losses from the scam. He said that they just want to make sure that the police know the activities of the group and wanted the Malaysian Commu¬nications and Multimedia Com¬mission to take action against the operation of this scam.

He warned the person or persons behind the scam to stop their activity or misrepresent AirAsia by offering cheap tickets to lure hapless individuals into buying it. He also reminded the public not to easily believe any message they receive through their email account. What they need to do is to call their office for confirmation.

He further warned the traveling public to be very extra careful when buying tickets online. Online tickets are only available through their official website,

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