AirAsia To Pioneer Air Pass In The Region

26th Nov 2014

AirAsia Bhd., no doubt, is one of the most innovative companies in the global scale when it launched Asia's first low-cost airline company in 2002.

Today, it has grown its empire and includes nine low-cost affiliates in six countries across Asia.

True to its slogan 'Now everyone can fly', it has enabled people (who never traveled by air before) from where it operates to fly. This is largely due to its smart and innovative business model, offering all-inclusive super-low year-round tickets, that has also been adopted by most other budget carriers operating today.

Recently, AirAsia announced the launching of yet another pioneering and innovative service in commercial aviation in Asia—air pass.

Called AirAsia ASEAN Pass, it will offer customers the flexibility to travel in their own terms within one month. According to founder and Director, Tony Fernandes, the pass will allow customers to travel to 10 different destinations across Southeast Asia with a single ticket.

Offered at a low RM499 (CAD167), the one-month air pass affords travelers to visit a maximum of 10 destinations wherever they fancy across 10 ASEAN-member countries.

AirAsia serves all the 10 ASEAN-member countries which include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The airline founder said that the innovative product will surely increase revenue for the company and boost tourism in the region.

The AirAsia ASEAN Pass is available to everyone regardless of citizenship or nationality who wants to travel and experience the wonderful sights and diverse culture that is Southeast Asia.

Budget travel is a fast growing travel industry in the world and is projected to grow even faster in the years to come. Currently, it accounts 25% of the total air travel market in Asia.

The number of air travelers in Asia is projected to hit the 2.2 billion mark by 2030 from the 2010 figure of 780 million passengers.

Asia is now host to more than 50 low-cost carriers based in 15 countries led by Japan with 8 operators, India (6), Thailand (6), Malaysia (5), South Korea (5), and the Philippines (4).

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