AirAsia Introduces Home Tag and Self Bag-Drop

9th Apr 2015

AirAsia introduced two new features that should enhance the travel experience for its guests, ‘Home Tag’ and ‘Self Bag-Drop’.

These two features will be available to guests on Johor Bahru – Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru – Kuching flights starting April 20th.

Right now, the airliner has the new features on a trial run at its southern hum with two machines. Once the testing is complete and the green light is given, Johor Bahru should become the first station to provide a full self-service experience to travelers and guests.

Self Bag-Drop enables guests to check-in their baggage by themselves without having to queue at a check-in desk. Guests who opt for this will be able to print their bag tags while performing self-check-in at the kiosks and proceed to drop their baggage at an automated counter, without any assistance. The user-friendly Self Bag-Drop unit will automatically check flight data, baggage weight and size allowances as well as multiple bags before securely depositing the bag into the baggage handling system.

AirAsia’s Self Bag-Drop will be the first service of this kind in Malaysia and will enhance the use of both space and technology at the airport. The results should be quicker transaction times and better workflow processes.

AirAsia Introduces 'Home Tag'

Another interesting feature announced by the Malaysian carrier is the ‘Home Tag’. This will enable the passenger to print his or her bag tag at home together with the boarding pass.

The process is very simple. All the guest has to do is print a bag tag on a regular sheet of A4 paper, fold it and put it in a plastic cover, which will be provided by AirAsia.

Once the guest does this, all that is left to do is attach the cover to the bag and deposit the bag at the Self Bag-Drop counter once he/she gets to the airport.

CEO of AirAsia Berhad Aireen Omar said:

At AirAsia, we continuously work hard to make the check-in process as efficient and smooth as possible and provide a seamless travel experience to our guests. The average time needed to check-in at the airport counter, including queuing time is about 5 minutes, but with the introduction of the complete Self-Service options, including the latest Self Bag-Drop feature, it takes only up to two minutes and 35 seconds on average to complete the whole check-in process.

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