AirAsia Changes Bali Flight Schedules – Makes Customers Unhappy

16th Mar 2017

Many Darwin travellers, unhappy with the AirAsia’s decision to change its scheduled flight times for Bali flights, have taken to social media to voice their anger against this decision.

Jodie Marland from Larrakeyah explained her situation:

On Monday I booked flights for a family of four to fly to Bali in September. Then on Tuesday I got a text saying they’d changed my flights. If they’d known they were going to change the flights, why did they let me buy them?

She said the reason why she booked with AirAsia, and not some other airline that flies to Bali like Jetstar, is that the Malaysian carrier offered earlier flight times.

Our kids are 11 and 13, that’s why we went for those flight times in the daytime. We did the Jetstar flights last time and came back in the middle of the night and it was pretty punishing.

Among the dozens of passengers whose flights had been changed by around 12 hours is also Brent Rowley, who was originally supposed to fly to Bali next week, as well as in May to attend a cousin’s wedding.

He said he’ll have to change his plan for May:

Now I’m not going to be able to go for that one. I’d organized it so I could leave after work on Friday and be back on Sunday evening so I didn’t miss any work. Now I just think I’ll have to miss it.

In addition, Rowley’s problem is that he already paid for his hotel room next weekend in advance. Except that, this change means he won’t be in Indonesia at that time:

Mr. Rowley said:

You can bet the hotel won’t refund me.

He said he tried to contact the airline, but could only get to the helpline in Indonesia, or use the chat forum online.

He commented:

Obviously I didn’t want to sit on an international phone call for an hour or so, so I went online and I was in a line of about 150 trying to get help. I waited about half an hour, then while I was typing out all of my flight details, he cut me off and I had to start all over and wait another half-hour.

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