AirAsia Celebrates 60 Years of Malaysia Independence

18th Sep 2017

To celebrate Malaysia Day (16th September), which marks the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence from the British and 54th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia, AirAsia released a new commercial.

Film Director Wei Peow said about the commercial:

Today’s Malaysia is a multi-cultural melting pot where different cultures share their language, art and cuisine along with the common goal of being a strong, accepting and thriving Constitutional Monarchy. To capture this in an authentic and fresh way, it was important to steer clear of traditional stereotypes. We chose to ‘re-mix’ these by showing genuine people who were proficient in skills and practices normally associated with cultures other than their own.

He added:

This juxtaposition enabled us to create a unique story telling thread. It was also an opportunity to showcase many of Malaysia’s famous locations in a new way. So we featured places like the Kue Teow stall in Penang, the Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands and the traditional activities of East Malaysia among others.

Executive Producer was Pat Singh, while post production was done by APV Media.

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AirAsia with its Own Campaign During New Zealand Elections

The biggest Asian budget carrier decided to weigh in on the upcoming elections in New Zealand with a campaign of its own. Supported by the local creative agency Publicis, AirAsia launched a #VoteAirAsia campaign and produced a series of social media content and posters to remind New Zealanders where they can get affordable travel.

In a statement, AirAsia said:

We want to join in the conversation in a fun and engaging way during a very important milestone in New Zealand; and remind Kiwis of our low fares, and the strength and breadth of our network, which includes Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the US. International travel has never been so affordable, which is why more Kiwis are choosing to fly with the world’s best low cost airline, AirAsia.

The Malaysian carrier operates daily flights to the Gold Coast and Asia via Kuala Lumpur from Auckland in NZ and also provides Kiwis with access and low cost air fares to 24 countries and 120 destinations.

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