AirAsia Celebrates 50 Years of ASEAN with a VR Campaign

29th May 2017

Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia knows how to celebrate a big occasion in the best way possible. This time, the airline has introduced the largest 360 Virtual Reality (VR) campaign in Asia, to celebrate 50 years of ASEAN.

The campaign, conducted by TaKanto Virtual Reality, includes a 22 minute clip, with highlights featuring the best the ASEAN region has to offer from all ten countries.

It will be introduced via the carrier’s social media network.

The production started in November last year, with TaKanto VR crews filming the area from the air (helicopters, paragliders, drones and hot-air balloons), but also on and under water.

Speaking about the AirAsia VR 360 campaign, managing director of TaKanto Ariel Talbi said:

It is a great privilege and honour for TaKanto to be chosen for such a large-scale production with a top brand like AirAsia. This 360 production was truly an extraordinary experience and we hope it will bring the beauty of ASEAN countries to millions of people. The latest developments in Virtual Reality make it an exceptional marketing tool for brands by offering immersive experiences to their clients. The travel industry is starting to embrace this medium and AirAsia is clearly taking the lead at the moment with this massive 360 production.

New Free Ticket Scam Warning by AirAsia

AirAsia has also warned customers of yet another online free ticket scam using the carrier’s name.

The social media post offers visitors to get free tickets in exchange for participating in a survey in which they need to answer a couple of questions to supposedly redeem vouchers. Of course, there are no tickets.

In addition, AirAsia also warns about another online ticket scam. The airline said in a statement regarding the two scams:

There is also another scam circulating on Facebook, offering 268 free tickets in conjunction with AirAsia's 28th anniversary. Both scams used the AirAsia brand without authorization and aim to lure the public to participate in it.

The budget carrier pointed out that it will not be held liable to claims regarding such scams and will not hesitate to take legal action against those who organize them and use AirAsia brand and name.

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